Journey to First Powerlifting Meet!


If this is your first visit, welcome to my blog! I have been writing it since 2011, which is crazy!  A lot has changed since my first post. Although the blog has been called “Legally Fit Girl” since day 1, I am definitely not a lawyer (law school was fun though!).  I am a nutrition coach for the most amazing company ever, Working Against Gravity (WAG) and I love it!


My training and nutrition have changed so much since 2011.  Originally my goal was to compete in bikini & figure competitions, and I achieved that. I reached nationally-qualified status.  Then, when it started to feel repetitive and my body wasn’t responding very well, I decided it was time to find the “fun” in fitness again.  With my husband’s help, I discovered CrossFit and learned a million new things – Olympic lifting, gymnastics, powerlifting, aerobic capacity, and more!

Then, a few months ago, upon noticing that the only things I wanted to do in CrossFit involved lifting heavy things (and knowing that my strength numbers need to go up, to be competitive in CrossFit), I am now specialized in powerlifting.  For my friends who aren’t familiar with powerlifting, it composes three lifts: bench press, deadlift, and squat.  So I need to get super-strong with these lifts! 🙂

I just hired my first powerlifting coach, named Ben Pollack. He was recommended to me by a fellow WAG coach Kate Hart (who is like Wonder Woman and you must follow her on Instagram!).  Ben has given me a very structured strength program with the aim of competing in my first powerlifting meet in February 2018. I am so excited!  For the last decade I have been obsessed with being strong and looking strong, but I don’t feel that my training or nutrition have permitted me to expand to my full potential until now!

Speaking of nutrition, that has changed a lot for me too in the last few years. When I began training for bodybuilding competitions, I followed strict, structured meal plans. I learned how to weigh and measure my food with a food scale, but I had no knowledge of how many calories or macronutrients I was consuming. Now, I subscribe to a flexible dieting philosophy (which is how we coach at WAG). This has been life changing for me, and I still check in every week with my own coach at WAG. Coaches need coaches too! You can read more about flexible dieting and counting macros at this blog from WAG.

So currently, I am consuming around 130 grams protein / 240 grams carbs / 56 grams fat (plus fiber of course) and working very, very hard on gaining strength and muscle size.  Eating this amount of food is

a huge accomplishment for me because, less than two years ago when preparing for a figure competition, I was consuming about half that amount!  I had horribly low energy, did excessive cardio, and was obsessed with the scale.  Now I comfortably maintain a body weight of around 145-148 lbs and I feel awesome, with plenty of energy to lift heavy and enjoy life!

So follow along with my journey to my first powerlifting meet in a few months!  Thanks for reading! I post often on Instagram so follow me if want to see my day-to-day stuff!   #SkinnyToStrong 

Here is me now…
Here is where I need to be. Lol 🙂

Where to Begin…

Law School Exams, I Loathe You & Will Kick Your Butt

Well, it’s 6AM on Saturday and I am awake due to habit. The gym doesn’t open until 8, so it’s a perfect time to blog.

Since I last posted, I’ve completed two of my three law school final exams. It’s been an emotional roller coaster for me during the last couple of weeks as finals approached. I’ve had moments of utter fear and hopelessness (“I can’t do this. Why am I in law school at all?”) but also moments of calm acceptance that I’ve prepared the best I could, and that everything truly will be alright.

During this time, I did not slack off from the gym because training is what kept me sane. It’s a scary feeling to know that you can’t control what is on your Civil Procedure exam, and you can’t control the grading curve, etc. But you can control whether you go to the gym and stick to a healthy diet. I continued hitting the weights at 5AM and doing cardio afterwards. I followed the diet almost 100 percent. (Except for a Cheesecake Factory birthday dinner with my dear friend Caitlin, but that was important!).

My friend and law school classmate Karen told me that she continued attending ballet classes during finals because it allowed her to focus only on ballet, leaving thoughts of law school exams at the door. I hope that everyone is able to find something in life that allows them to quiet that constant stream of thoughts running through our heads, whether it’s dance, weight training, basketball, meditation, running, or something else. What is that thing for you?

Where Do I Begin?

I got a couple really wonderful Facebook messages this week. One of them asked about where to find meal plans to correspond with workouts. I recommended a couple of good places to start:

If you’re a female, pick up a copy of Muscle & Fitness HERS magazine at the grocery store/Target. It’s an awesome resource for both training and meal plans. Usually there’s a meal plan designed for if you want to build muscle, and one for if you want to maintain or lose fat.

For guys or girls, check out this website, part of

There are pictures of 6 male and 6 female fitness models with different levels of muscle and leanness. Pick the body that you are aiming for, and check out his/her exact diet and training programs. I love this website!

The other message I got completely made my day (I might have even felt tears welling up, but don’t tell anyone). It was from a classmate from undergrad who said he’s been following my posts, and since I’ve seen him, has made huge improvements in his health. Reading made me realize that I love to help people learn about fitness/health stuff, because there’s so much confusing, inaccurate information out there — I want to help people sort through it so they can reach their goals like he did.

Figure Competition Progress Update

It’s the “off-season” right now for most competitors, because nobody can keep their body in “competition shape” all year round (… think about that the next time you admire a lean, ripped fitness model on the cover of a magazine. Prior to the photo shoot, they probably hardcore dieted, did countless hours of cardio, and depleted their body of water. They do not look like that all the time.)

My training team calls this time “improvement season”, because it’s a time to allow your body to rest, recover, eat higher calories, and build quality muscle. So that’s what I’ve been working on. As I’ve complained about before, my body adds muscle very slowly and it’s frustrating. But I try to remain patient and accept my body for what it is.

My goal is still to compete in my first figure competition in March of 2012, but as the competition gets closer I’ll listen to my coaches’ advice regarding whether I should wait a bit longer. I don’t want to get onstage looking like a fool, ha ha. I want to make everybody proud.

See how my back has SOME muscle, but not enough! Need to drop body fat of course.