Sticking To Your Nutrition Plan While Traveling: Chicago Version!

Hello everybody!

IMG_0728I have returned from a short weekend getaway to Chicago (a few hours’ drive from our home in Michigan).  We were celebrating my fiancé Rocko’s birthday! Each year he and I take a short trip together someplace we’ve never explored, and this year turned out great.  Part of the fun was, of course, the food!  I am going to share with you how I stay on track with my nutrition plan and training while on the road.

The first step is, of course, preparation.  We picked our AirBnB in downtown Chicago (which I prefer over a hotel because there’s a full kitchen) and immediately started looking at what was nearby.  We found a couple of gyms within walking distance, as well as a Whole Foods. We planned to lift weights each morning we were there.

IMG_0706One of the most critical things to do before you leave for your trip: pack travel-friendly food!  We brought a Six Pack cooler bag with us stocked with:

  • protein powder packets
  • cut-up veggies (I eat tons of cucumber and bell peppers)
  • already-cooked chicken
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • Kodiak Cakes protein pancake mix
  • condiments like hot sauce and stevia

We knew we would eat out for 1-2 meals per day.  When you go out to eat, you run the highest risk of going over your allotted fat or carbs macros, so I place the biggest focus on bringing protein sources with me.  I always recommend clients pack protein bars with them for trips (some brands I like include Quest Bars, Rx Bars, and B-Up Bars) and/or packets of protein powder (can be found at LifeTime, Whole Foods, or most health food stores).   It’s not fun to come back from a vacation, step on the bathroom scale and see a huge jump – so plan in advance and do yourself a favor 🙂
IMG_0735On our first day in Chicago, we focused on the most important objective: find the BEST Chicago pizza!  Because I knew we would eat pizza, I planned my day of eating in advance:  I kept the carbs and fat low in my breakfast with higher protein (example: egg white omelet with veggies).

We were not disappointed in Lou Malnati’s Pizza, which was in walking distance of our AirBnB (notice the “walking” theme throughout this entire blog – Rocko and I walked a LOT!).  The pizza was amazing. So the question is: how do you track this pizza in MyFitnessPal (MFP)?


Fortunately, Lou Malnati’s has several of its items in the MFP database!  We ordered a pizza called “The Lou” and I sliced off 1/4 of it.  That serving had 40 g carbs / 28 g fat– and I wanted to save macros for dessert!  So, I chose not have any of the cheesy bread appetizer we ordered.  Later in the afternoon, we stopped by Sprinkles Cupcakes where I had half of a cupcake (and, of course, logged that into MFP too – 31 g carbs / 13.4 g fat).

The next day, we woke up, put on our workout gear and headed to a local LA Fitness for strength training.  (Again, I kept breakfast low-carb and low-fat to save macros!)  I love to strength train on vacation because it makes me feel like I’m putting the food to use!

IMG_0709Next, we explored the city, including a big breakfast at a great place called WildBerry (right next to Millenium Park).  It was delicious and extravagant – S’Mores pancakes, hash browns with gravy, etc.  This was difficult to track because WildBerry was not in the MyFitnessPal database.  So, instead, I found similar entries in MFP from IHop!  IHop and Denny’s are two places which are quite useful for tracking food because their items are relatively simple and the entries are pretty accurate.  I shared all breakfast items with Rocko, cutting off smaller portions for myself and enjoying every bite.

My main point in describing this day of eating & training:  you CAN still hit your macro goals while on vacation IF you plan in advance and watch your portion sizes.  I returned from vacation weighing exactly the same, if not a little less (which is about 141-142 lbs, for those who are wondering – I am 5’7” with lots of muscle!).   If your goals are important to you, it’s worth the planning and preparation I described above 🙂

IMG_0695Hope you enjoyed this blog!  Thanks for reading!


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