Current Fitness Schedule and Goals

Hey guys! Quick blog post inspired by my awesome friend Alla who asked what my current fitness goals are.  I’m going to share mine and I want to hear about yours!

Current fitness routine and goals:

  • I’m studying for the bar exam but I still go to the gym first thing in the morning (I’ll probably do this for the rest of my life… I’ll be that 95-year-old lady on the treadmill still jamming out to One Direction! And don’t get on my treadmill or I’ll kill you).  
  • I do about 1 hour of cardio and 1 hour of weights 5-6 days per week (following the plan designed by my coach Rob Rosetti).  The cardio is NO JOKE…. Rob comes up with insane routines where I am jumping on and off the treadmill, sprinting, and trying not to drown in my sweat!  
  • I am splitting up my body parts for lifting in approximately this manner: Monday: quads/legs; Tues: shoulders/triceps; Wed: back/biceps, Thurs: hamstrings; and Friday or Saturday: glutes.  It varies a little bit, depending on what Rob put in my plan. 
  • In his last email to me, my coach said: “Push the weights!”  He wants me to lift heavier and add muscle mass.  We actually had a really great conversation where I opened up to him that I hadn’t been eating all the carbs on my plan.  I don’t know why, I was just being overly restrictive and afraid of gaining weight.  Very kindly, he explained that carbs are absolutely necessary for an active woman…. the glycogen from carbs gives women that “tight” and “toned” look, rather than looking loose/jiggly (sorry if this is TMI for anybody, ha).  Runway models, for example, might look good in their clothes… but if you see the backs of their legs and glutes when they walk away from you, it often doesn’t look so good.  This lecture from Rob really helped me get myself back on track and following the plan he designed for me (which includes 7 meals now! Awesome!).  
  • I will probably not compete again until the spring of 2015.  I have no idea which show… I don’t even know what city I will be living in!  But the drive to be an excellent figure competitor is a huge part of me. It’s a never-ending goal. It’s my “art” project (with the benefit of keeping me really healthy for years to come!).  
  • I still have one cheat meal per week… and all I usually want is a burger…. with weird stuff on it… peanut butter? Fried egg? Both? Ha ha. 

How is your summer body comin’ along? Let me know; I love to share fitness tips and motivation with others.  

(Last ridiculous goal: Jillian Michaels (trainer from the Biggest Loser) said her dream is to have the kind of butt that rappers write songs about… I thought that was so funny 🙂 Maybe I will add that to my list of goals too.  Here is a video of one exercise I do to get there….)