Progress from December 2010-September 2012

Sometimes when I’m frustrated with the pace of progress in my physique, I have to step back and look at old photos to see how far I’ve come.

Don’t give up! Every little effort you make DOES make a difference. When you add them all up, major changes happen.

3 weeks out from my next show–the Ft. Lauderdale Cup!  Time to tighten up and lean out a bit & I’ll be ready 🙂


Legally Fit Version 2.L

Holy. Cow.

That’s the only way I can describe these last three weeks. It is my second year of law school, and here’s the good part:  I am doing lots of interesting, worthwhile things both on- and off-campus.  I’m also competing again in 6 weeks (October 20), then again a couple of weeks later (NPC Nationals on November 9-10 – this is the BIG show where I try to earn my pro card again).   The bad part:  I am on the brink of overwhelmed.  So far, I’ve been successful in balancing everything, but it hasn’t been easy. I will be grateful for “improvement season” after I compete at NPC Nationals in November.

(For those who don’t know, “improvement season” (also called the “off-season”) is when competitors spend time away from the stage, making improvements in their physiques to unveil in the spring.  Our diets relax a little bit and we do less cardio.)

Currently I’m sitting in an airport waiting for my flight to Vegas do a job interview tomorrow morning at 9 AM.  After the interview I will have posing practice with IFBB Bikini Pro Skye Taylor, which I am very excited about.  Then I fly back home to catch up on all my reading and assignments.

Training Update: Headed in the Right Direction!

Training is going well.  I never miss a weight training session (admittedly, I did miss a cardio session or two when I was in the middle of moving into my new apartment.  I am not perfect.  I always try to make up the sessions, however, if I have to skip them.)

My physique is making great changes.  And you know what the difference is?  Living by myself.  Living with roommates is fun, but my cravings are much worse when I see their peanut butter/cereal/etc. in the kitchen.  When I live alone, I don’t keep ANY foods that aren’t on my diet in my apartment.  I just don’t buy them.  I always think about buying them (I can’t help but stare longingly at the wall of peanut butter options when I go to the grocery store) but my willpower is pretty strong, and I don’t put them in my cart.

The result of this discipline?  My bodyfat is lower than ever!  I don’t measure the percentage, but I can tell in the mirror and photos.  When I’m lifting weights, particularly my shoulders, biceps and triceps, I can see all sorts of muscles, and I LOVE IT.  It makes all the hard work feel so worth it.

Today at the gym a friendly older guy came over and asked if I was “doing that Figure show in October”.  I told him that I was Bikini competitor with aspirations to compete in Figure.  He seemed convinced that I would be ready for Figure now.  That completely made my day;  I could have hugged him (so I guess some of the ‘creepers’ are harmless, huh Sean?).

Next Show: 6 Weeks Out

I am six weeks out from the Fort Lauderdale Cup.  I think/hope this will be the best I’ve ever looked. My coaches have been trying to add some more muscle to my upper body while keeping everything tight and toned.  I also have a beautiful brand new suit that is much for flattering for my body.  I think this will help bring the whole ‘package’ together.

In conclusion, I’m pushing my body and brain to their limits over these next few weeks.  But it takes challenging times for me to discover how strong I actually am.  I’m also trying to be better about balancing a social life with school and training.  During my 1L year I wasn’t very good about that, but I’m going to try harder now to reserve at least one night per week to go out to dinner and have a fun cheat meal with people I care about.

What are YOU up to?

It means a lot to me when I get Facebook messages or emails from people telling me about their own journeys with fitness, eating clean, self-esteem, etc.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or comments.  Do you have goals for this fall?  Training for something?  I love hearing about it.

 **Update: I did the interview this morning.  The first thing out of the interviewer’s mouth:  “So tell me about these ‘fitness competitions’…”  He then asked me question after question about it for the next 10 minutes.  Ha!