Recap of NPC AZ Open, Upcoming Shows & Life Dreams

Hi everyone!

I have been MIA from my blog because it’s been a time of transition: I did a competition (the NPC Arizona Open), completed my summer judicial externship, moved back in with my family for a couple of weeks, and will be moving again in a week to start my second year of law school.  It’s also been a time of deep thinking about what direction my life is heading. I’ll explain more below…

The NPC Arizona Open July 2012

Regarding the AZ Open, I had a fun time and took home a fifth place trophy.  I am proud to have received a top-5 placing, especially because I seriously messed up my tan!  I tried to cut costs by applying it myself. It didn’t turn out so well.  For those who compete, you know how vitally important your tan is.  Under those blindingly bright stage lights, every flaw shows up.  A bad tan is distracting, regardless how great your body looks.  My tan was streaky and blotchy, but I didn’t realize it in the dim lights of my apartment.  By the time I tried to fix things, it was too late.  I was in tears a few moments before stepping onstage for prejudging.

Fortunately, I hired the professionals to re-do my tan for finals, so it looked great at when the trophies were presented.  But by that time, the judges had made their decisions.

The most important thing about this story is that I’ve learned my lesson!  Never again will I try to do my own tan without professional assistance.  It’s just not worth it.  After hundreds of hours sweating in the gym and diligently practicing my posing, I’ll spend the $80 or $100 on a professional tan.

What’s Next?

My next show will be the Fort Lauderdale Cup on October 20.  I am really excited about this show because (a) it’s near my birthday (October 13 – I’ll turn the big 2-5!); (b) it’s an all-girls show – no male competitors!;  (c) it’s about 11 weeks away, which gives me a bit of a break from stage-prep mode, and (d) several of my Team Bombshell friends will be in attendance and I can’t wait to see them!  After the Ft Lauderdale Cup, I plan to compete at the NPC Nationals in November in Atlanta (my 2nd national show – this one should be massive.)

When I say I’m taking a “break”, I should be honest that I don’t mean it in a normal-person sense.  I love the gym and no one can keep me away from it! Ha ha.  So I’m still training really hard, but adding in one or two extra small food “treats” each week.  I continue to watch my weight to make sure I’m staying within 5-7 pounds of my stage weight.  I do this because dropping a lot of weight before a competition is NOT fun, NOT easy, and NOT great for your body – trust me, I have experienced it.  Additionally, if you have a high percentage of bodyfat, it’s hard to see any changes happening in your body underneath that layer of fat.

The Journey of Life….

On a different note, lately I’ve been thinking hard about where I see myself in 5 or 10 or 20 years.  I really enjoy law school and I know that it is training me to be a better critical thinker, a stronger writer, etc.  But I also know that I’m deeply passionate about health, wellness and fitness.  I always assumed that my passion for health would have to remain my “hobby”, outside of and apart from being an attorney.   But after a deep conversation with a close friend today, I’m now able to step back and see that, eventually, my law degree and my passion for health & wellness WILL be able to fit together into a wonderful career where I (hopefully) make a difference in the lives of many individuals.  Just because I can’t see the exact roadmap yet doesn’t mean I’m not getting there – I have to see this as a “ten-year plan”.

For now, I’m going to just keep working hard each day both in the gym and in law school, and eventually things will work out – probably better than I could have designed them.

I love to hear from other fitness-minded folk, so please send me a message/post a comment with what you’ve been up to.  Do you have any current fitness goals/aspirations?


5 thoughts on “Recap of NPC AZ Open, Upcoming Shows & Life Dreams

  1. Wow, what a great write-up!! I remember registration for the AZ Open. You and I were probably the only 2 without the initial layers of tanning. Yet, we both came home with hardware! I am super proud of your NPC accomplishments as well as your legal aspirations. Very impressed!

    • Thank you Seth, that’s very kind! I am impressed with you as well, competing while working full time with a son! Hopefully we’ll cross paths at another show sometime 🙂

  2. Awesome work! And thanks for letting us know not to try tan up on your own. I am 5 weeks out from my first comp so I have just booked someone to help me with my tanning thanks to this post! I look forward to following your next show 🙂

  3. Hello! I know that this is an old post, but oh well! I was wondering what you estimate your costs to be for a show? I want to try and do one, but would love an estimate of what I am looking at so that I am not trying to scrounge up cash last minute and do you do online coaching?

    • Hi Kenzie! Thanks for reading my blog 🙂

      Shows can get pretty expensive, so that’s smart of you to be thinking ahead. Here are some costs for my upcoming figure show:
      – Figure suit: $450 (suits can vary widely in price; I plan on using this one for as many shows as possible. You can find them used sometimes on sites like
      – Clear high heels: about $40
      – Competition jewelry (blinged out earrings, bracelets, etc): $25 (I just get mine from Claires or Charming Charlies)
      – Entry fee for competition: $100 (varies)
      – Spray tan by professionals: $150 (I tried to this myself once to save money, and it wasn’t worth it! It’s tough to do it yourself)
      – Competition makeup: $100 (I do it myself, but you can also pay professionals to do it for around $150)
      – NPC card: $100 (you must purchase a new one each calendar year)
      – You may want to for professional stage photos (at my last competition they cost $25 for each image)
      – Of course, the costs for coaches/trainers varies widely.
      – Gas, hotel, food costs

      Those are some things to consider. I will probably only do one show this year for financial reasons (I am a poor graduate student! Ha ha). I will email you about your online coaching inquiry.

      Thanks again for reading!

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