3 Days Out from NPC Arizona Open

I’m three days out from competing at the NPC Arizona Open in Mesa, AZ!  I am really excited about this contest because (a) it’s local so I don’t have to travel! (meaning: I don’t have to bring my food through airport security, terrified that they’ll take it away from me);  (b) my wonderful, supportive roommates are coming to watch prejudging on Friday night, and my dad & sister are coming to finals on Saturday;  (c) it’s a regional (not national) show, so I’m not nervous – just excited.  I’ve been to this venue before and it’s really cool. 

This competition prep has been less stressful than previous ones, because I stayed within about 5-6 pounds of my contest weight (about 125).  It’s much easier on my body to remain constant and not have big weight fluctuations.  The diet is always tough, but at least this time I’ve been able to consume more carbs than usual to keep my muscles full and round. 

Until this week, I had one cheat meal per week, so that was nice.  I usually crave sweet potato fries.  Over the Fourth of July I went to San Diego with my best friend, and beforehand I conducted research to find the best sweet potato fries in the area!  We also walked a couple of miles to track down an amaaaazing bakery with the BEST cupcakes!   (Last note about food:  have you guys seen the commercial for IHop red velvet pancakes??!!  I saw it at the gym and almost fell off the StairStepper. Post-competition meal, here I come!)

My next national show will be IFBB North Americans at the very end of August in Pittsburgh.  This will be my second attempt at earning my IFBB Professional status.  The best part about this show is that I will have brand new suit from CJ Elite Competition Suits!  CJ is well-known in the industry for making exceptional suits.  I didn’t realize how important a high-quality suit was until I’d done a few competitions and seen how CJ’s suits stand out and flatter the body.  It will be bright BLUE!  I can’t wait!

Lastly, a new friend of mine recently gave me a hard time about the fact that I can only do 3 pull-ups.  Now it’s a challenge: I have to beat him in a pull-up competition.  The foolish person who initiated this challenge clearly doesn’t know me very well yet.  When you tell me I can’t do something, my response will be…  “WATCH ME.” 🙂