9 Days Til Showtime

Hi guys!

It’s March 1. Only 9 days until I step onstage for the NPC Natural Western USA bikini contest in Mesa. I’ve been like a machine the last few weeks on the gym/school/gym/sleep routine, and it certainly is wearing on me. But I try to remember that there just WILL be bad moments along with the good ones. It’s inevitable. If I can get past the tough moments, I’ll emerge from this contest prep proud of myself (and hopefully you guys will be proud too 🙂

There are about 8 million things to think about before a contest (and it’s multiplied by 2 since I’m doing a contest on 3/10 and then another one the following weekend in Atlanta, GA.) Here are some of things I’ve been working on:

  • Hotel stay/flights/shuttles to-and-from airport
  • Spray tan appointment (although I’m going to attempt to do this myself in Atlanta. We’ll see how it goes!)
  • Where do I check in? What time? What time is the competitor meeting before prejudging?
  • Shopping for, cooking and packing all my food in advance. No room for error at this point. Every bite counts!
  • Makeup and hair appointments (I’m also going to attempt to do these things myself, so I had to make a trip to the M.A.C. Cosmetics store 🙂

  • Is my suit ready to go? Shoes? (All competitors wear clear heels, as shown below. Mine are a little beat up but they still work.)

  • Jewelry (this part is fun – bikini competitors get to wear jewelry onstage. Also, here is a close-up picture of my suit so you can see the pretty bling!)

So I’ve been trying to prepare all of the above stuff in addition to keeping up with classes. It’s been tough, but I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. I cannot wait to step onstage. I might not look the best up there, but I’ll look my best ever.

I’d love to get a good placing and qualify for Nationals at either the Mesa or Atlanta show, but I don’t want to put all my hopes and dreams on that. This is a subjective sport and it’s tough to know exactly what the judges will be looking for at any particular show.

Lastly, this weekend is the Arnold Classic! It’s a HUGE event held each year in Ohio! (Yes, it’s named after THAT “Arnold”). It will be broadcast live by Bodybuilding.com so I’ll be watching the Figure and Bikini prejudging and finals. Watching my fellow Bombshell teammates compete will be the last bit of inspiration I need to get through this final week.



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