6 Weeks to Go!

6 weeks until the tiny scrunchie-butt bikini…

With a little less than 6 weeks until my first NPC bikini competition of the season, I am very, very excited. It’s almost the only thing I think about, outside of law school. And thank goodness I have something else to think about outside of law school, because right now is a stressful time for me and many of my classmates as we apply for summer jobs. There’s a lot of uncertainty, and I love having something more uplifting to think about when the job hunt is wearing me down.

I have lost weight since attending Team Bombshell Boot Camp in the first week of January. I’m on schedule to lose the appropriate amount of weight (about 2 lbs per week) in order to meet “contest weight”. For my friends who are not familiar with competing, “contest weight” is not something that competitors maintain year-round. I’ll try to stay within 5-7 lbs of that, but remaining 123-124 lbs at my height, with the amount of muscle I carry, isn’t manageable for me.

My bikini should come in the mail pretty soon! I can’t wait! The color will be similar to this picture of Jennifer Andrews, another Bombshell member and IFBB Bikini Pro.

My bikini will look pretty much like this when it comes in the mail soon :)

Current diet & training

I am doing cardio twice daily now and probably will continue to do so until competition. I get up at 4:30 AM and do one session on an empty stomach (or close to it, possibly with a little fruit). Then, after class, I perform weight training and the second cardio session. It’s a time-consuming routine, and the first week of doing it, I thought to myself, “I can’t do this!” But then I Facebook-messaged a couple of my fellow Team Bombshell members who are IFBB Bikini Pros (i.e. they’ve made it to the BIG leagues!), asking them how they survived twice-daily cardio. They made me feel better. One of them, the beautiful Diana Graham (who is a mom!) said, “It’s much easier after the first week”, and she was absolutely right. Now, it feels pretty routine.

The diet is strict, but I’m not suffering quite as much as I was during my contest prep last year. There’s been a major mental “switch” for me this time around. The way I approach contest prep psychologically makes a HUGE difference. This time, I have accepted the fact that I made the decision to do this. Nobody forced me into it, and I can quit anytime I want.

…But I will not quit. I am absolutely, 100 percent committed to doing well this season and pushing beyond the mental limits I’ve set for myself. The current Bikini Olympia champion, Nicole Nagrani (another Bombshell teammate and a very cool girl) posted a quote today from Arnold Schwarzenegger that really resonated with me. “The only way to be a champion is by going through these forced reps and the torture and pain…. It’s like forced torture. Torturing my body. What helps me is to think of the pain as pleasure. Pain makes me grow. Growing is what I want. Therefore, for me pain is pleasure.”

Stupid cravings. Enough with that!

I should confess that I still haven’t been PERFECT on my diet. Late at night is when cravings hit me hard. I have to keep sugar-free gum nearby at all times to prevent snacking. But I’m going to commit to everybody who read this that I’m not giving in to those cravings!

Thanks to everybody who reads this; it means a lot to me. Have a great week!


Bootcamp Recap & the 2012 Competition Season

It’s day 2 of my second semester of law school. I’ve heard stories about law students feeling a bit disheartened and tired at the start of their second semester, and I’m no exception. Part of that is my own fault — over the winter break, I didn’t rest or relax like we were supposed to. I worked my tail off in the gym, and then took a road trip across the country with my best friend (from Phoenix to Daytona Beach, Florida!).

We made overnight stops in El Paso, Austin and New Orleans. I definitely had to have a cheat meal in New Orleans, and it was delish! The po’boy and hush puppies were awesome, but the beignets (fancy word for donuts) were unbelievable. If you ever make it to New Orleans, you must go to Cafe Du Monde: these beignets were fried-donut-heaven in a huge pile of powdered sugar (which I proceeded to get all over myself – and didn’t care!).

At the conclusion of the road trip, I went to a three-day bootcamp with my competition training team in Daytona Beach. This camp kicked my butt, no question, but beyond that, it was incredibly motivating. My coaches were there as well as several IFBB bikini pro’s, teaching us the proper way to train, eat, and pose. I met some really great fellow teammates who I hope to keep in touch with. There was one disappointing moment at camp, but it turned out to be fine in the end. Here’s the story:

I came to camp expecting to train for the figure division. But upon seeing me in person for the first time (not just in photos sent via email), my coach Shannon asked me why I had chosen figure. She explained that I’d probably need to sit out the 2012 competition season to be REALLY ready to compete in figure, and suggested that I do bikini this year and wait until I am a bit older for figure.

Admittedly, hearing this was disappointing. But my coaches encouraged me by insisting that I could do well in bikini if I worked my tail off. I promised them that I would. We picked my first show for 2012: it’s the NPC Natural Western USA on March 10, 2012. This gives me about 8.5 weeks to be ready. It’s going to be a tough road, but after attending camp, I am extremely excited and motivated.

Also, today I purchased my bikini to wear for the upcoming competition. It’ll be custom-cut for me, so it was expensive and I cringed at the price, but I know it will be beautiful and will fit perfectly, and I’ll certainly use it for a couple of years.

Have a great day everybody, and thanks for reading! Good luck with your own health and fitness pursuits — please tell me about them, I love to hear from people!