Stop the binge!

Progress update

I hope everybody is having a good November. In law school land, this is “No-Fun-November” (credit to my friend Alla for that title). I’ve been struggling to remain level-headed as final exams approach next month (the first one is on December 5 … but let’s not talk about that. Ha ha.) I’m still putting my heart & soul into training and sticking to my diet. I’m supposed to do about an hour of cardio per day, but it’s been more like 30 to 45 minutes during these previous couple weeks. But since my figure competition isn’t until March, I think I can slack a little bit while I’m focusing on finals.

Training has actually turned into a great escape from class and studying. My often crazy/irrational stream of thoughts becomes very focused during a workout. In this way, weight training can actually be very “zen” and yoga-like. Pretty nifty, huh?

Still planning for March 17, 2012 figure competition in San Diego. Coach says I’m doing well, but as usual, I am impatient because adding quality muscle while simultaneously dropping body fat is not easy. Someday when I’m brave, I’ll post progress pictures.

Stop the binge!

Lately I’ve been thinking about “binge eating”. You know, where you find yourself standing at the fridge eating straight from the container of __(fill in the blank)__ in the middle of the night. I am definitely guilty of this. My habit used to be really bad, where I would eat half a jar of Pillsbury frosting all my myself in a barely-conscious state (gross, right?).

The other day I was listening to a Jillian Michaels (trainer from the Biggest Loser) podcast where she told a story about how she binged on cookies and was completely unable to stop herself. I thought to myself, “If Jillian Michaels struggles with binge eating, then I’ll bet everybody does!” Jillian listed some useful ways to stop a binge in its tracks, and I’ll add a few of my own. Try them out the next time you are considering busting out the Oreos after a stressful day…

1. Do not stand there at the fridge or pantry and eat out of the box. Sit down at a table.

2. Do not eat straight from the box or container. Measure out a portion of whatever you’re eating, and put the rest away. (I am really bad about this, but workin’ on it…)

3. Chug a ridiculous amount of water. Keep drinking until you feel like you will explode. Your craving probably won’t be as strong at that point.

4. Drink tea. I have a terrible sweet tooth, so I’m constantly drinking cups of Vanilla Caramel tea with Stevia and almond milk. Or, alternatively…

5. Chew sugar-free gum. I carry around about 8 different gum flavors. I am the “gum dealer”. Ha ha.

6. Don’t read a magazine or watch TV or skim Facebook while eating. I am really bad about this one, too.

7. Probably the most valuable tip I use: don’t buy the stuff you know you’ll binge on! (Or, in desperate cases,  hide the food from yourself. I have had to do this with peanut butter!)

Jillian mentioned that sometimes she will literally, out loud, talk herself out of binge-eating. But I don’t want my roommate to think I’m completely nuts, so I don’t use this one. Ha ha.

Hope this helps. If you ever have comments or questions about what I write, please let me know! I could talk about this stuff for days.